After a couple of years in this space I've finally cracked the code. Here is the step-by-step-guide to shitcoinery.
Most of the reporting on Bitcoin is bland and unoriginal. There is a reason for this. And the exceptions to the rule lead to extraordinarily good…
In the middle of the unmitigated disaster that is the Euro right now, the tax funded bureaucrats at the ECB have the audacity of attacking Bitcoin. Let…
8.6% inflation! You had one Job, Christine. One Job.
How to cope with the stress of a crash, learn from mistakes and (hopefully) become a better trader. Or, you know, you could just hodl!
There are no bailouts and no interventions. Bitcoin just is. And now it's going to absorb the collapse of large parts of "crypto".
The tools to be a better sovereign Bitcoin user are at your disposal - and recent developments suggest you should use them
Leftists in the EU Parliament wanted to ban Bitcoin. I talked to the man who managed to stop them: Stefan Berger.
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